Affiliate Booster Review: Is this the Best WordPress Plugin to Improve CTR?

I have been using the Affiliate Booster plugin on my niche affiliate site & let me tell you this: It is one of the best WordPress plugins I have used to help improve overall CTR on my blog posts.

In this blog, I will be sharing why you should focus on improving CTR as an affiliate. Then once you understand the importance of it, you can think about ways to improve it and how Affiliate Booster can be a good weapon in your arsenal.

Note: Affiliate Booster currently is on a Lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Let’s get into it:

The Importance of CTR in Affiliate Marketing

CTR means click-through rate. If 100 users visit your blog and 5 people click on your affiliate link, you have a 5% CTR.

You must analyze this metric and improve it to fetch higher income.

There’s a simple formula you need to know:

Higher CTR = More Clicks = More Users Visiting Affiliate Offers = Higher Income

Scenario 1: Where you get 5% CTR

Now imagine a blog post where you are promoting affiliate offers, where you get 5% CTR, and for a hypothetical reason, let’s assume you get 1000 monthly visitors.

Stats at 5% CTR (Based on assumption):

  • Visitors: 1000
  • CTR: 5%
  • Clicks: 50
  • Conversion rate: 5%
  • Customers: 2.5 ~ 3
  • Average Commission: $20
  • Your revenue: $60

So on a 5% CTR & 5% conversion rate, you can get roughly $60 (assuming the commission rate is $20 per sale or customer).

Now, let’s see what happens if you improve your overall CTR by 4-5% using smart techniques.

Scenario 2: Where you get 8% CTR

Stats at 8% CTR (Based on assumption):

  • Visitors: 1000
  • CTR: 10%
  • Clicks: 100
  • Conversion rate: 5%
  • Customers: 5
  • Average Commission: $20
  • Your revenue: $100

Your revenue just improved by 66% just by improving CTR.

You should not ignore the factors that are in control. You can control CTR and visitors.

Now that you know the importance of CTR let’s see how you can improve your CTR with Affiliate Booster & get an overview of how this WordPress plugin works.

Overview of Affiliate Booster: In-depth Review

What is the Affiliate Booster Plugin?

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress plugin that will help you improve CTR on your affiliate or niche blog with its impressive range of product blocks.

Types of product blocks available on Affiliate Booster:

  • Single Product Block
  • Pros and Cons Block
  • Star Rating Block
  • Notice Block
  • Notification Block
  • Button Block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Comparison Table Block
  • Top Picked Block
  • Good Bad Block
  • Table of Content Block
  • Coupons Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Conclusion Block
  • 3 Premium Tables
  • Single Pros Cons Block
  • List Items Block

Let’s see a demo of some of the best blocks on Affiliate Booster that I personally like:

Note: Each demo block you see below is created with Affiliate Booster.

1. Pros and Cons Block


  • 4 design styling options available
  • Can easily customize colors
  • Can easily change icons
  • Optimized for tablets, mobile


  • No schema available for pros and cons yet
  • You need to implement the schema manually

Where you can use the Pros and Cons block?

  • To compare & share pros and cons of a particular product or software.
  • To promote transparency with your visitors by sharing details.

Google introduced the new Pros and Cons Schema on August 5. This schema is not yet inside Affiliate Booster. But you can manually create it easily as well.

I will talk with the Founder, Kulwant Nagi & see what he says about it.

Although, the support has been really amazing throughout and didn’t need any support as such because of the ease at which this product is built.

My take: This point about schema can be ignored for this block as you can get review schema easily (see point 3). May be later, they will integrate pros and cons schema too.

2. Single Product Block

Affiliate Booster

Best WordPress Plugin for Affiliates

  • Improves CTR on your website
  • Optimized for each device
  • Help users make decisions quickly
  • Get more clicks on affiliate offers

With this single product block, you can easily show the best features of a product, including an affiliate link with an image of the product.

This certainly improves the CTR of any affiliate offer.

I personally use this in between the blog post to promote any affiliate offer. For example, even if the blog post is not a buyer’s keyword, you can use this block wherever relevant to introduce the product.

Highly recommend using this.

3. Key Points Block

Affiliate BoosterAffiliate Booster is a WordPress plugin to help improve CTR and create beautiful product blocks.InStock49USD2022-09-301024.94.95Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster Review

  • Easy to use

    Affiliate Booster is quite easy to use. Just add with the + sign and customize from the Gutenberg block.
  • Schema Optimized

    Affiliate Booster is schema optimized. This block itself is optimized to show star ratings on Google.
  • Improves CTR

    With beautiful blocks & customizations, it will help you improve CTR on your affiliate offers
Note: This is on a limited lifetime deal and will soon go out of stock and change to recurring annual pricing. It is recommended you get it for a one-time price today.

With this block, you can easily grab someone’s attention, get more CTR & create a beautiful product block as I did above.

You can use this in between or at the top of the post because many people want to quickly understand the product’s gist. With this block, you can easily do so.

The best part about the block above is it is optimized for review schema.

This means it will show the review ratings on Google, and you just have to toggle the “Enable Schema” button inside the plugin.

How cool is that?

Here’s a video on how you can easily enable schema:

4. Top Picks Block

This is a slight variation of the single product block but it has the Top Pick written on top left of the block, which looks really good.

Top Pick

Affiliate Booster

This is a Top-pick block

  • You can make this as a list or as a paragraph too
  • This block is useful if you are comparing different products and want to pick the best
  • Has a dedicated tag as “Top Pick” which can be changed.

Now let’s understand the pricing for this product.

Affiliate Booster Pricing

Currently, Affiliate Booster costs just $49 one-time fees on Appsumo. The original pricing is $49/year for 25 sites.

So once the deal is gone, this product will change to yearly pricing soon.

I think it’s a no-brainer deal to get it for $49 and keep it as you can on 3 different sites at $49.

I will recommend stacking 2-3 codes as you can easily use it for 25-50 sites.

affiliate booster pricing

Who should use the Affiliate Booster plugin?

Many of you may not run niche affiliate sites and just have a website monetized via display ads.

That’s fine too. You can use it to beautify your blog. For example, to improve dwell time or get a nice Table of contents block (scroll above, and you can find some short blocks along with TOC) that looks really nice.

  • Niche Site Bloggers
  • Affiliate Bloggers
  • Anyone running a site that promotes Amazon products
  • Anyone running a site that promotes Software/course products
  • Anyone who wants to improve CTR on their affiliate offers
  • Anyone who wants to catch the user’s attention with product blocks
  • Anyone who wants to improve their affiliate income ( I explained above the importance of having more CTR)

So, all-in-all, I would highly recommend getting this no-brainer deal and start using it today.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Booster is an amazing plugin out there to improve overall CTR, conversions, and affiliate income.

If you are serious about getting more clicks and optimizing your website for better conversions, this plugin is a definite YES.

I hope you got some insights into Affiliate Booster today that will help you decide to go all-in.

If you are looking at Affiliate Booster, don’t forget to check out Affiliate Corner as well.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned in this post are affiliate links, meaning I would get a certain commission if you purchase anything. This helps me run this site and share valuable resources from time to time.

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