How to Automate Facebook Page Posts to Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps [Free]

There are many social media platforms out there & it is difficult to keep up with them if you are a solo person.

Content Distribution is a game-changer concept, if used & leveraged properly it will give you some great results.

Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest is a Content Sharing Platform where you can create your own pins in the form of Images or Videos & share it on your board. With over 250 Million users on Pinterest, you should not ignore at any cost.

According to this Hootsuite study, over 90% of users look at the content to make purchase decisions. How cool is that!

Now I am not going to go deep into How you can market on Pinterest. I am no expert in that.

But I know the potential. So I thought what if I automate my Facebook Page Posts to Pinterest Automatically as soon as I share them on my timeline ( also with a link back to my website)

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I did automate it using Integromat. Without wasting any time, let’s get on with it.

Follow these 5 Steps to Automate Facebook Page Posts to Pinterest:-

Step #1:- Create a New Scenario in Integromat

If you haven’t signed up for Integromat, do that first. Sign up here.

In the top right of your dashboard, create a new scenario.

pinterest automation using integromat

Now Click on Facebook Page & Watch Posts. Integromat will trigger as soon as you share any Facebook Post on your Page.

That means it will be instant.


scenario 1

Now Select your Account, Page & Limit as 1 ( If you want Integromat to fetch 1 post at a time).

Now Choose where to start. Click on Manually & Select your latest post or for that matter any post from where you want to start automating.

If you choose 3rd recent post, it will start automating from your 3rd recent post & then after automatically posting on Pinterest whenever you share any post on Facebook Page.

Think of it as a queue.

Step #2:- Connect HTTP Module

Follow the below GIF & Connect the HTTP Module. Click on Get File & Under URL, Click on “Full Picture”.



This will store your Image in the HTTP Module. We will then transfer this file to Pinterest so that it will create your own customized pin.

Step #3:- Connect Pinterest Module

Just add the Pinterest Module to your previous HTTP module. Click on Create Pin. Follow the below GIF.

connecting pinterest

Step #4:- Customizing your Pin

Now it is time to customize your Pin.

Connect your Pinterest Account by just adding. Select the Board where you want to pin your Image.

Under “Note“, you can write any Image Description you want. Under Link,¬†link back to your website. So whenever someone clicks on your pin, they will be redirected to your website or your eCommerce Store.

customizing pin

That’s it. Hit OK & you are done. Save the Scenario from the bottom left menu.

Step #5:- Run your Scenario & Check

Finally, after saving the scenario, it is time to check if we have connected everything successfully.

Click Run Once & you will see something like this on your screen. If you see all greens, that means you have connected everything successfully.

Don’t forget to Turn On the scenario. ( Toggle on the Scheduling menu in the bottom left)

Check the below GIF for scenario check.

successfull pinterest automation


In the link section under the customization of your pin, you can get more tricky.

If you have a money page ( the page that makes the most money) you can put that link every time.

Or suppose you have a landing page to any affiliate product, link back to it. Or you want to create a top of the funnel audience & want to take them to your blog first, you can do that.

How about a Squeeze Page?

If you don’t know what squeeze page is, check this blog from Unbounce.

Create an awesome lead magnet, an irresistible offer. Link that squeeze page & gets free subscribers on Automation.

Final Thoughts

With this automation, you will save a ton of time. Marketing Automation is powerful once you execute it.

Check your Pinterest Analytics once a week & see your growth.

Small Tip:- Create Visually Appealing Images while sharing FB Page Posts so that it is looks good on Pinterest too.

Let me know your thoughts on this Automation.

If you want to Master Pinterest Marketing, I would highly recommend you to check Emily’s Pinterest Guide¬†here. ( affiliate link)

She has generated over a million views on her website using Pinterest. Do check her Ultimate Pinterest Guide.

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