How you can save $1000s of Marketing Dollars with Lifetime Deal Offers!

During the period between 2019 and 2021, the global SaaS market is expected to be worth $60.36 billion, amounting to a 9% CAGR with the 4 years, According to Technavio. As SaaS Market grows, the number of SaaS Bootstrappers is poised to grow on an exponential scale. SaaS business is one of the most lucrative ideas for starting up and setting up an ideal lifestyle.

But being a SaaS Bootstrapper is always tough. You will always have to spend money on marketing, people, and technologies to grow and run your business.

But being a bootstrapper, you are always in that loop of getting revenue and spending on tools and resources that will enable your SaaS Growth.

Should You Spend Recurring Fees for Marketing Tools?

The answer to this is Both Yes and No.

Yes, when the tool you want to buy is very crucial for running your SaaS Business.

But you should not spend recurring monthly fees for those that you think are good for business but not crucial.

These tools might increase your revenue growth. They are not crucial but are important growth levers for your business if implemented properly.

So the question is, how would you buy them without giving recurring monthly fees?

Enter Appsumo!

A website that offers lifetime deals to some of the best marketing tools and software.

How Good is Appsumo?

They offer some of the hottest deals in marketing and growth. All are lifetime deals. So you don’t have to spend monthly recurring fees.

Almost all of the software that Appsumo offers is insanely good. I have bought more than 15+ lifetime deals.

Make sure you check Appsumo’s Deal every day.

Here are some of the pages you should explore:-

What do you get if you buy deals from Appsumo?

  • You get lifetime access to the tool/software you purchase.
  • Access to all future plan updates
  • You can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase

My Experience with Appsumo

The best deals I got with Appsumo were Publer and Zlappo.

I use Publer for social media scheduling. It can schedule almost on any platform from a single dashboard. Eg:- With one click, I can schedule to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. It also has Pinterest.

Publer costs $10/month to $20/month but I was able to get Publer in just $49 for a lifetime deal.

Appsumo also has a feature where you can just get a full refund for the entire deal within 60 days of purchase. So you don’t have to worry about buying any deal.

But the software deals are so insanely good, I have never asked for a refund yet.

The next best was Zlappo.

Zlappo is a Twitter Scheduling tool that allows you to schedule Twitter threads, retweet best/evergreen tweets on a custom schedule & you can do all sorts of crazy things that can help you leverage Twitter.

If you want to buy Zlappo, it costs from $9.99/month to $99/month.

But on Appsumo, I was able to buy Zlappo for just $59 for a lifetime period.

Btw, you can still buy Zlappo here for a lifetime deal.

These 2 tools were my best buys on Appsumo. Although, there are many more in Appsumo’s arsenal that you can explore yourselves.

Final Thoughts

If you want to grow your SaaS business or even side income by doing great side projects that might turn into healthy SaaS products, you should invest in tools and software that enable you to grow your business.

Monthly recurring tools are great. No doubt about that. I am not against it. I have full respect for entrepreneurs who make great products and sell for a monthly price. But why not get a tool or software that is available for a lifetime period. That’s where Appsumo kicks in.

As a bootstrapper, you save 1000s of dollars literally. On top of that, you get full-fledged software to grow your business for a lifetime.

Note: Links to Appsumo are affiliate links, meaning you won’t spend extra but I will get a certain amount which helps me to run this site. I want to be fully transparent and I don’t recommend anything that I have not tried. All the tools mentioned above are tried and tested by me. 

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