How to Put Any Twitter Account on Automation For Completely Free!

So this was one of the requested articles from my followers.

Recently I put 2 of my Twitter Accounts on Automation for completely free of cost.

In this short article, I will share with you how you can do it as well.

P.S:- I don’t recommend doing this for your personal twitter account.

Bookmark this article, you might need it again while you implement.

Let’s get started.

STEP 1:- Sign up on Integromat


Integromat is a workflow automation tool just like Zapier.

It is completely free of cost. They have paid plans too but you won’t need it unless you are doing some other automation too. They have some pretty good set of apps that can be integrated.

Let’s stick with Twitter as of now.

Step 2:- Create a Scenario

After you have confirmed your account, go to Scenario on the left menu & Click on Create a New Scenario

creating scenario

Now You will get another screen. Choose Twitter here & Click Continue.

Click on the Question Mark Icon, then click on Watch Tweets.

watch tweet module

So what we are doing here is, letting the tool watch someone else’s tweets & later it will create a new tweet in your account ( that you want to automate) with along with the credits to the account.

If suppose you want to create a bot for Naval’s Tweets, you can do so by automating all Naval’s Tweet daily or whatever time you want it to tweet with due credits to Naval

I will show you how just follow the tutorial below.

Step 3:- Connect your Twitter Account to Integromat

After you click on watch tweets, you need to give permission of your Twitter account to Integromat. Just click Add & it will pop up a New Window. You can then give authorization to Integromat.

Now follow the below screenshot for further setting.

connecting twitter account

You can put any screen name ( AKA twitter handle without @ ) in the screen name section. The account you want to automate from.

Follow all the settings as given in the screenshot & click OK.

Now it will ask from which date you want to automate. You can either select From Now On or you can select from a specific date.

I would recommend selecting from a specific date usually 2-3 months back.

start setting module

STEP 4:- Creating a Tweet Module

Now After clicking OK, hit the Plus (+) Button to connect another module i.e Creating Tweets. Until now, we created a watch module that will watch any twitter account, now we need to replicate those tweets to our account.

So Click the + Icon.

Again Select Twitter. This time click on Create a Tweet.

creating tweet module

Then follow the below screenshot.

text setting integromat

Click on Text. Add Screen name for giving credits. Click OK.

Step 5:- Schedule Tweets.

Now we are done with connecting all modules. Time to schedule the automated tweets so that it runs indefinitely.

Click on the small watch near the Watch Modules, then Click Run Scenario at Regular Intervals.

We have around 1440 minutes in 24 hours. If we select 720 minutes, then the tweet will be scheduled every 720 minutes meaning every 12 hours.

That means it will run twice during the whole day. We are tweeting 2 times daily.

In the Free Integromat Plan, we have 1000 Operations/Monthly Free.

This Entire Automation Takes 2 Operation for 1 Tweet. So basically if you run twice, it is taking 4 operations daily.

Even if you run it for the whole 30 days, it will consume 120 operations which are still under our free plan.

So decide your minutes’ interval accordingly. I choose it for 720 minutes so that it runs daily twice.

Then click OK.

schedule setting integromat

Step 6:- Start Automation

Click on Save

Try Running your automation. After it runs successfully, check your automated twitter account whether the tweet has been created or not.

After checking & confirming, start the automation.

One more thing, we are giving credits in the Create Module. So if by chance, the twitter account from where we are automating has already used 280 characters, it will be stopped since it can’t accommodate our credits character ( In this case – @naval)

What you can do here is, simply tell in your BIO that you are a Bot account & tweeting the Best of XYZ Account.

That way you are always giving the credit to the original twitter account.

We have automated an Entire Twitter Account for Free using Integromat 🙂

Final Thoughts.

Now that we have an automated Entire Twitter Account for Free. You must be wondering how you can increase followers of that account.

There are some strategies that I can share with you.

Try Retweeting the Automated Tweets from your Twitter account. That way your automated twitter account will get more exposure.

Another way to get more exposure to your automated twitter account is the hope that the Original Account from which you are curating the tweets start retweeting.

For Eg:- Jack Butcher often retweets the Jack Butcher Bot Account.

So you might be in luck if that happens.

If you want to automate your Tweets from a Google Sheet to your Twitter, you can do so by Zapier too. Check here.

Follow my Bot account of James Clear where I have automated James Clear’s Tweets using Integromat.

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