Do you want Quality Traffic & Leads From Quora?

Introducing the Practical & Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Quality Traffic & Leads from Quora. 

Getting Relevant & Continuous Traffic from Evergreen Answers is Possible.

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Acquiring qualified customers is difficult...

  • You can acquire customers from Google or FB Ads. But again that’s not a free meal. You need to invest, learn & experiment a lot.
  • SEO takes time & patience. It’s not quick. You will have to invest a lot of energy, time & money.
  • Social media and building lists is also great option but you need continuous time investment.

Then what's the alternative?

It's Quora!

  • Quora is the most high-intent user platform with a reach of over 300 million monthly users.
  • There is little to no competition. ( Not everyone has able to leverage Quora to its full potential). But I will show you how, in a while.
  • You can influence the customer on their buying journey from Quora’s Answers.
  • The nature of evergreen answers can get you continuous quality traffic almost daily.

With Quora, I was able to:

  • Sell Digital Products on Quora with 2.7% Conversion Rate with Organic Answers
  • Got 30% Conversion Rates for my Clients For Lead Generation
  • My Answers were sent to More than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest bringing me 1000s of visitors
  • Worked as Quora Micro-influencer at a big company.

Here’s a Screenshot of Quora Digest Notifications. The answer was sent to more than 19.1M people bringing me 1000s of visitors.

Here's what you are missing if you are not on Quora

  • Every answer you write will stay there forever. I still get traffic to my website from the answer I wrote 1 year back.
  • If your answer gets more engagement, your answer is sent to the Email Digest of Millions of People. ( See screenshot above)
  • Applying the simple formula: More Answer Views = More Quality Traffic = More Leads = More Sales
  • You can even promote your answers & get more exposure by running Quora Ads. By the way, did I tell you? Quora Lead Generation Forms are live & you can get quality leads cheaper than FB Ads.

From this eBook, you will get:

Every Actionable Strategy I used over a period of 2 years is combined into this Ebook.

  • Chapter 1 : Essentials of¬†Content Marketing¬†on Quora
  • Chapter 2 : How to Optimize Your Quora Profile for¬†Extreme Virality!
  • Chapter 3 :¬†How to Write¬†Winning Answers & Increase Your Traffic
  • Chapter 4 : Find¬†Fresh Questions¬†on Quora & Build Presence on Competitor’s Questions
  • Chapter 5 :¬†How to Generate¬†Continous Flow of Leads¬†Through Quora
  • Chapter 6 : How to Create¬†Loop of Quora Views¬†
  • Chapter 7 :¬†How to Leverage¬†Quora Spaces¬†
  • Chapter 8 : The Ultimate¬†Cross Promotion Strategy¬†For Your Quora Answers
  • Chapter 9 :¬†How to¬†Rank Your Quora Answers¬†on Google Search Results!
  • Chapter 10 : The Detailed¬†Quora Ads Guide ( From A-Z )


  • Chapter 11: How to Make Money on Quora Being a Micro-Influencer!
  • Chapter 12: How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program!
  • Chapter 13: How to do Affiliate Marketing On Quora without Violating Quora Policies

Here's whats inside:

‚úÖ 119 Pages

‚úÖ 14 Chapters + 2 Bonus Case Studies

‚úÖ Quora Scraping Guide to Scrape Top Questions (Add-on)

‚úÖ Lifetime Updates (Will be emailed directly)

Testimonials from Twitter:

I was ignoring Quora marketing due to my other priorities, but when I read Tejas’s book Quorific, I realized how wrong I was! His book gave me so many valuable insights which I had not come across before. That very moment, I decided to resume answering on Quora, but this time in a Quorific way!
Akshay Borate
CEO @ Akaybee Media
Read this Awesome stuff by Tejas. Quora is indeed a little undervalued platform for influencer marketing and Tejas has touched upon the points on How You can become a Micro-Influencer on Quora. I recommend people to go through this well-penned book especially if you are looking to have an in-depth insight on How Quora Works!
Kumaresh Bhatt
CEO of URPopular
This Book has all the actionable techniques that many people have yet to discover on Quora. Tejas has practically explained step by step to scale up your Quora account backed by practical case studies. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It's a good value for money.
Rahul Pagare
Writer & Marketer

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Quora Scraping Guide ($9 Add-on)

  • Manually Filtering Questions to Answer can take hours. You don’t want to put so much time to filter questions.
  • Enter Quora Scraping Guide. It is a step by step guide to extract Top questions to Answer within 15 minutes.
  • This guide will cut your manual work from hours to minutes
  • Also Includes a Short Loom Video
  • This add-on is included in the complete package (Highly recommended)

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  • Quora Scraping Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

The book is tailored for all Marketers, Businesses, Learners who want to generate traffic & leads from Quora.

Is there a Kindle Version?

While the book is not on the Amazon Kindle store, you can send the MOBI version over to your Kindle. Just follow the steps described here, and add as an Approved Personal Document E-Mail list. Once you set this up, you get this book on your Kindle with one click.

Can I share the book with my team?

If you purchase an individual license, please respect the terms, and do not distribute them to others. 
Group licenses are available here (the book / complete package):

What is the refund policy?

I want to make sure you’re happy with the purchase. If you are not happy, send a message to with the subject “Refund” and I will process your refund. Applies within 30 days.

Will I get any future updates?

Yes, absolutely. This guide comes with life-time updates. I will email you the PDF when it is updated.