Complete Guide on SaaS SEO for Marketers & Founders

SEO: The Most Powerful & Free Strategy to Get Customers Organically

An A-Z strategic guide that will explain to you Step by Step how to plan your SEO for your next SaaS or even your next project.

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Important SEO Factors explained in detail so that you won't waste time on things that don't matter.

4 Growth levers you can implement to get your 1st customer organically

Without content ideas, there is no point in focusing on SEO. In this chapter you will learn, How to get 100s of ideas for your next blog post

Basic to advanced On-Page SEO strategies to get you more organic clicks and capture Google SERP real estate. Includes Schema Optimization, Google Discover, Webstories & much more.

Marketers & Founders often find link building difficult. In this chapter, I will explain 25+ the link building strategies in a simplified way so you can start getting links from Day #1.

Many founders messaged me that they wanted to know more about how they can optimize Single Page Application Products for SEO. This chapter will be focused on SEO for SPAs

If you have pages in different languages and targeting in different countries, this chapter is for you.

With this template and cheatsheet, you can easily audit your website for SEO issues & optimize them.

With this SEO Rank Tracking Sheet, you can easily track your keywords on a daily/weekly basis.

To capitalize on SEO, you need to be smart. In this chapter, I will share 10+ SEO strategies to get you organic clicks & outrank your competitor.

Only for selected people, I will audit your site, provide actionable SEO strategies & help you write a SEO Growth plan that works.

SaaS SEO Guide For Marketers & Founders

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