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How much time does it take to research the best affiliate programs in your niche? Well, yeah, you can do it manually, but what about the keywords within your niche? An SEO software, perhaps?

Let’s say you have picked up 2-3 affiliate programs to promote and are now confused as to how you can promote them. Again a time waster.

Not anymore.

This new tool in the town might make your life much easier.

Yes, I am talking about Affiliate Corner.

Here are 5 things you can benefit from Affiliate Corner and how it can save your time and money instantly:

1. Choose Affiliate Programs from Across 20+ Data Points

Well, the biggest benefit, I would say, is the ability of seamless filtering across 20+ data points across thousands of affiliate programs and niches.

Average order value, Earning Potential, Cookie Life, Commission Structures, Payout methods, you name it!

There are almost 20+ data points to get you the best affiliate program to promote!

This alone can help you save 100s of hours in research!

2. Keywords To Target (Ready to Download)

One of the most painful things in Affiliate Marketing is not knowing which keywords to target. I come from the SEO industry and know how powerful low competition, high intent keywords can be.

With Affiliate Corner, you can just download 1000s of low competition, high intent keywords, informative search terms, and much more in just a breeze!

The best part is that these keywords are extracted from Ahrefs (The Biggest SEO tool on Earth) and are updated constantly, so you will not have to worry about getting them old.

This killer feature will save you almost recurring fees of $99+ monthly.

Btw, Did I tell you Affiliate Corner is priced one-time and not recurring? So I think this makes it a no-brainer deal for anyone wanting to save time and money & get insights at your fingertips.

3. Promotion Strategies as an Affiliate

The most important question in affiliate marketing: How do I promote this affiliate offer?

SEO works. Social Media works. Email Marketing works.

But what about other marketing strategies? What if there’s a strategy that could work easily for you but you don’t even know about it?

That’s where Affiliate Corner comes in.

You get almost 15+ promotional strategies as an affiliate for every niche, so you won’t have to do the guesswork.

4. Find Sub-Niches, Content Ideas for your Niche Site

You have started this niche site. You want to monetize with display ads and affiliate offers.

But you want to know what other sub-niches you can target to keep growing as a site and target relevant keywords within your niche.

Affiliate Corner has a tool called “Niche Finder

With Niche Finder, you can find sub-niches within your main category and get some content ideas, too (which you might not have known earlier).

You can filter and sort according to CPC, trending (%), etc.

The CPC metric will help you gauge the commercial interest of the niche & whether there are advertisers running ads on search (potential signal for display ads)

All this is included inside Affiliate Corner.

5. Exclusive Deals & Video Course

There’s a section called “Exclusive Deals” inside Affiliate Corner.

Where you get discounts on popular affiliate marketing tools, this alone can save you some good bucks if you plan to invest in affiliate marketing softwares.

With the subscription, you also get a video course on “How to start an affiliate and niche site with SEO + AI-assisted content,” along with strategies to find a niche, keywords to target, and much more.

I would highly recommend getting a lifetime subscription to Affiliate Corner today if you haven’t!

I am sure you won’t regret the deal.

Other Hot Features in Affiliate Corner

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, there are more ways you can get benefits.

Here are some of them:

  • Audience Insights of the niche (What sites do they explore, what they talk about)
  • Target audience of the affiliate niche (along with persona)
  • Trend and commission insights of the affiliate niche
  • Spy Best Affiliate Sites (Upcoming feature)

Final Thoughts

If you are into making money online, you would definitely start a niche site. With that niche site, you can monetize with display ads, digital products, affiliate offers, and much more.

Personally, I think Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online without having to build a product.

So even if you have thought about it, Affiliate Corner is a must-have tool in your marketing stack. It’s a bang for the money.

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Tejas Rane

Tejas is an Engineer Turned Marketer & Author of Quorific & SaaS SEO Guide. A T-Shaped Marketer with specialization in SEO. He is currently helping affiliates with Affiliate Corner. Follow him on Twitter as he shares his journey.

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