How I am writing unlimited SEO driven articles in just $45/month (& how you can too!)

Today, I am going to show you how you can technically write unlimited SEO-driven articles with quality and unique content at scale.

The information you are about to receive can change your marketing strategy and can save you almost 90% of the cost of hiring a professional writer. (without compromising on quality and uniqueness)

If you are able to execute, what I am suggesting and recommending here, you can scale up your website faster than ever by churning out quality content, day in, day out.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

One of my goals in 2022 is to have an affiliate site in a niche I know about and scale it up via SEO. I was an SEO Growth Lead at a fintech startup & been in this industry for the past 4 years now. I know how powerful SEO is, & how much time it takes.

Previously, I was using SEO skills to help my fintech startup. But I left my job in Dec 2021 to pursue full-time on my own business.

I have written a complete thread on Twitter here and also wrote a blog post here.

Now coming back, I decided that I wanted to have an affiliate site this year which I would scale up through SEO. Now when it comes to SEO, there are 2 things that are important.

That is Content & Understanding What Ranks on Google.

Now since I was in this industry for more than 4 years, I know what really works. I have implemented some of the advanced SEO strategies, brainstormed new one’s and implemented them.

When it comes to content, it is the king. You simply can’t compromise on the content part when it comes to SEO.

Well, If I wanted to create this affiliate site, I would require quality, in-depth & killer content on the website.

Brainstorming content options for SEO

So I started thinking about how I can execute my affiliate site and how I should go about it when it comes to writing content. Of course, I can write. But that’s not the point. I don’t want to be tied up writing the whole day.

I already have a lot of things on my plate. I am a Co-founder and CMO of an Ed-tech Startup – CampusTrail

Since this is one of my bets and a side project, I don’t want to write myself.

The next option was to hire a writer. So I started looking at the cost of hiring a writer.

Since I live in India, the cost of hiring a writer is quite affordable. I already had one writer in mind that I know. He charges Rs 1.5/word, roughly equivalent to $0.02/word (yes that’s correct)

So if I want to write suppose 30 articles in a month and each blog post is 800 words long, it would cost me Rs 36,000 (Roughly $486/month).

Now that’s a cost that I didn’t want to go with initially. Since I know that my affiliate site is a bet, such an investment early on was not on my mind.

The Game Changer For Writing SEO Driven Content

I knew there were a lot of AI-driven writing tools available in the market. Since the birth of GPT-3 in Mid-2020, there are literally hundreds of tools that can help you write content through artificial intelligence.

Being in the SEO industry, I know how quality content matters. Initially, I didn’t like those tools because I knew they weren’t at par with the quality of content that a human can write.

But boy, I was wrong.

I was researching and experimenting with many AI tools for writing blog posts for my affiliate site. I came across a game-changer tool that could perhaps come closer to a quality of a human writer.

The tool name was Writesonic.

And I must say, that I have never come across an AI tool that is so brilliant in churning out quality, unique content. That too at scale (of course being an AI, it can write unlimited articles).

I am not recommending this out of the blue because I think it is a seriously fantastic tool that can help you write articles at scale, especially if you are out creating an affiliate site and want to churn out content faster.

Although here are some metrics from my own affiliate site for the 1st month of publishing just 7 posts with the help of Writesonic

Churning out quality and unique content, that is where Writesonic kicks in.

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How to use Writesonic to its Maximum Potential (with SEO in mind)

Now, believe me, what I am going to explain to you below can entirely change your marketing game. So do read it carefully.

If you are able to execute what I am suggesting, you can technically write unlimited articles with quality, unique and in-depth content with 1/10th the cost of hiring a writer.

I am not against any writer at all. Those who want to hire a writer, they can do so. But if there’s a good option that can save you cost and not compromise on quality too, then there’s something you should definitely go after.

Step 1: Sign up on Writesonic

First, you need to sign up on Writesonic here

There are 5 plans available. The free plan will give you 10 credits monthly as a free trial.

But personally, I suggest going with the basic or the professional plan. That’s where the real magic is.

Free trial is good to test waters and once you get the confidence, you can go ahead with the basic or the professional plan.

Currently, I am using the professional plan, which costs $45/month that gives me unlimited credits. Technically meaning, I can write unlimited articles in a given month.

If you do the math, I can churn out almost 100 posts every month (assuming 3-4 posts daily). That’s 1200 articles in a year, with sound, quality, and unique content.

Now that’s a number I would love to go with. Imagine the scale of traffic and revenue these articles can bring.

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Step 2: Go with the AI Article Writer 2.0

This is where the magic happens.

AI Article Writer 2.0 is one of the best I have come across. Not exaggerating.

You can check how it works on this page or watch the video below.

Step 3: Simply Input Your Target Topic in the Language You Prefer

Here comes the best part.

You can just input your target topic in this menu and the language you would want Writesonic to generate content in.

For a hypothetical purpose, I am writing a self-help topic called “What is Self-Awareness & How to Cultivate It

Click on Generate Ideas and pick a topic title to get started.

In the next step, you can generate a short intro for your blog post.

Here’s what I got:

Now once you select the intro, you would like to go with, you can generate an entire outline for your blog post.

Choose your outline. Outlines are basically sections you would want in your blog post.

Step 4: Generate high quality, unique article in just 2 minutes

In the next steps, you can rename your sections or add if you know anything that should be added. This will help the tool to write the post accordingly.

Once you are confirmed with the sections you want, click on “Write an Article” and then within seconds you will get an entire draft ready for the topic you wanted.

Blog Report:-

  • 0% Plagiarism (Checked via Copyscape)
  • 992 words
  • Time took: 1 minute

Here’s the blog post that was generated. Click here to read the article (view access only)

Best part? It has a 0% plagiarism as with every content that is generated via Writesonic.

Step 5: Generating more content & finalizing the blog

If you think you need more content for the post, simply use the “Long-form writing assistant”. You just need to add a couple of lines and you will get a paragraph automatically generated.

This way you can write 1000+, 2000+ word blogs too.

Combine both AI Article Writer 2.0 + Long-Form Writing Assistant, and you get a content writing machine that churns out quality content at scale.

All thanks to Writesonic.

Next, you can copy all the content generated in your writing editor of your CMS, add some relevant images using stock sites, create a header image for the blog post, create a table of contents to structure and format it.

In just under 10 minutes, you will get an entire blog post ready to be published.

Building Affiliate Site in Any Niche & Scaling up with Writesonic

Now, if you think about it, basically you can create an affiliate site in any niche you want and scale it up crazily using Writesonic.

All you need is some SEO skills to target low competition keywords and generate high-quality articles using Writesonic.

Writesonic is a gamechanger for the affiliate marketing industry if you know how to use it to your leverage & now you know how.

To pull this off, you need the following magic ingredients:

  • A niche for affiliate marketing
  • Writesonic
  • SEO (KW research skills)
  • A little bit of content writing

That is all. If you have these 4 magical ingredients at your disposal, you can basically scale any website you own at your will.

3 Ways You Can Use Writesonic to Your Leverage

  • Building affiliate site in any niche and scale up using Writesonic
  • Use Writesonic in your digital agency and scale up your content writing efforts at a fraction of a cost
  • As a freelancer, you can scale your writing efforts without compromising on quality.

Final Thoughts

Not many people I know have tried AI writing tools because they think these tools can’t come close to a human writer. Of course, having a human writer has its own advantages. But you can simply replicate the skills with Writesonic & some editing.

You will get a full-fledged SEO-driven blog post at your disposal within minutes. If you haven’t signed up on Writesonic yet, you can do so from here.

Thanks for reading. See you.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned in this post are affiliate links meaning if you purchase anything, I would get a certain commission. This helps me run this site and share valuable resources from time to time.

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