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Hi, I’m Tejas Rane.

I am a Computer Engineer Turned T-Shaped Marketer. Wrote a Book on Quora Marketing in March 2020.  Launched on Product Hunt.

Sold to more than 15+ Countries. It has been read by 100s of Marketers & Founders worldwide.

I am also a Contributing Author at & HackerNoon

This is my personal website & I share strategies on SEO, Content Marketing, Talk about Side Projects, SaaS Marketing etc.

Here’s my Short Story

Worked as a Data Analyst in an MNC. But later dived into SEO, which I had more interest in when I heard about it in 2018, and that was my start in the field of Online Marketing.

Later on, I started with my first ever blog on Career. This Blog still brings me 100s of visitors daily because of SEO.

I don’t write much on this website now as I have diverted my focus elsewhere. But this Blog was really the turning point for me. It will be very dear to me always.

I used that blog to experiment with my learning curve & I recommend the same for those who are beginners.

Experimentation is the Biggest Learning Source.

I started Experimenting with Quora. My answers were eventually sent to more than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest sending me tons of traffic & sales with just organic answers on Quora.

Named it Quorific. My main motive to write was to share my strategies with the world which helped me in my Quora Journey.

You can download the Guide Here -> Quorific ( The Quora Marketing Guide)

I launched a Side Project called Swipe Directory. It is a curated collection of more than 170+ resources in marketing & growth.

Read: How I started my side project that now makes more than $200/month.

Check out my recommended resources here-> Resources

I am very active on Twitter. I tweet about Side Projects, SEO, SaaS Marketing.

I run an Actionable & Insightful Newsletter where I talk about SaaS Marketing, SEO & Side Projects. Here are some topics:-

✅ Content Marketing ( How to Get More Traffic + Content Ideas)

✅ SEO ( Ranking on Google with little to no cost Investment)

✅ Quora Marketing ( Getting Quality Traffic, Leads from Quora)

✅ Paid Ads ( Reddit Ads, Quora Ads, Google + FB Ads)

✅ Side Projects & SaaS Marketing

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