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Hi, I’m Tejas Rane.

I am a Computer Engineer Turned T-Shaped Marketer. Author of Quorific & SaaS SEO Guide.

Sold to more than 15+ Countries. It has been read by 100s of Marketers & Founders worldwide.

This is my personal website & I share strategies on SEO, Content Marketing, Talk about Side Projects, SaaS Products, etc.

Here’s my Short Story

Worked as a Data Analyst in an MNC. But later dived into SEO, which I had more interest in when I heard about it in 2018, and that was my start in the field of Online Marketing.

Later on, I started with blogging to learn SEO.

I don’t write much on this website now as I have diverted my focus elsewhere. But this blog was really the turning point for me.

I used that blog to experiment with my learning curve & I recommend the same for those who are beginners.

Experimentation is the Biggest Learning Source.

I started Experimenting with Quora. My answers were eventually sent to more than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest sending me tons of traffic & sales with just organic answers on Quora.

Named it Quorific. My main motive to write was to share my strategies with the world which helped me in my Quora Journey.

I believe in the concept of the portfolio of small bets. Initially thought provoked by Daniel Vassallo.

Here are some of my digital assets:-

I am also the Co-founder & CMO @ CampusTrail

Very active on Twitter. I tweet about Side Projects, SEO, SaaS Marketing & SaaS Products.

In Dec 2021, I left my full-time job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. You can read my full tweet here.

I run an Actionable & Insightful Newsletter where I talk about SaaS Marketing, SEO & Side Projects.

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