How I Built Swipe Directory Using Just a Google Sheet That Now Makes $200/month

No Code movement is on the rise. Even giants like Google and Amazon have launched their own no-code toolset for makers to build apps with no code environment. Google launched & Amazon introduced Amazon Honeycode & entered the no code industry. It is absolutely amazing what you can build with no-code tools. I first heard about No code pretty late in around mid-2020 & started exploring Product Hunt.

Exploring SpreadSimple

That’s when I stumbled upon this no-code tool called SpreadSimple which enables you to create a website using Google sheet as your database.

I started my side project Swipe Directory which is a collection of the best resources and tools in Marketing. I was just saving the links into Google Sheet but I didn’t know how I would turn that into a full-fledged filterable directory.

Here’s my tweet back in Sept 2020:

I had 3 no-code options with me to make that Google Sheet into a full-fledged directory:

I went with SpreadSimple, just because I use Google Sheet a lot & it was pretty easy for me as I had my initial database in my Google Sheet ready.

How I Built Swipe Directory Using SpreadSimple

Step #1: Finalizing the Design for Swipe Directory

First, I looked into the templates that were available on SpreadSimple & got an early idea about the initial design I wanted. Here are the major things I was looking for in a design:

  • Should be filterable
  • Should be paginated
  • Should be searchable
  • Should be sortable (incase I added price)

That’s when I saw the Affiliate Template which resonated with my early design idea.

Step #2: Creating Google Sheet Database

Created 5 columns with Name, Category, Links, Image Links, Description. Here’s how it looks:


Once my google sheet database was created, it was time to convert it into a website using SpreadSimple

Step #3: Converting Google Sheet into a Website

I just pasted my Google Sheet Link here & within seconds my website was ready to be published. The only thing remaining was some UI/UX customization & embed the widget into my subdomain.

Step #4: Customizing the Website inside SpreadSimple Dashboard

Once you paste your link, you can then customize your website however you want. You can change the appearance here.

You can easily change the header image, home page intro & footer text here. Pretty easy & handy. Most importantly you can be more transparent here if you are using any affiliate links. I have added a disclaimer in the footer saying about that.

In the Content section, you can map your Google Sheet columns so that your website is ready to view.

That’s it you are done. The only thing that is remaining is to connect to your domain.

Step #5: Connecting with your domain or Embed as a widget.

I already use WordPress on this site. So I decided to create a subdomain & host my SwipeDirectory there.

SpreadSimple has an option to embed the widget code onto your website. You just have to copy-paste it into your website’s header & you are done.

I just simply added the code into my website’s header & boom. My SwipeDirectory was ready.

To look fancier, I customized the buttons with CSS. Here’s how it looks now:


What can you build with SpreadSimple?

You can build a ton of side projects with SpreadSimple.

Here are some ideas:

  • Directories ( Curated Collection of Items. It can be anything that people are looking for). Eg:-Swipe Directory
  • Job Boards
  • Affiliate Site ( Recommended Tools, Softwares)
  • Ecomm Store
  • Book Recommendations

These are just random ideas that you can execute using SpreadSimple. I might create 2 more sites with SpreadSimple.

Btw, did I tell you that SpreadSimple is on a lifetime deal on Appsumo? I have already purchased my lifetime deal.

The deal ends on 22nd Feb 2021. Make sure you get this awesome deal. You also get 10 sites to play with the lifetime deal. Pretty sweet.

Final Thoughts

Using a no-code tool can really ease your life. Especially when you want to create side projects but have no idea where, to begin with. Just create a Google Sheet, start adding data & connect with no-code tools like SpreadSimple.

SwipeDirectory was my first ever no-code side project. The best part about my Swipe Directory is I am getting around $200/monthly approx in affiliate earnings, absolute passive income. A dream come true. 😍

I don’t promote much, but my SwipeDirectory is on the showcase page of SpreadSimple & I get a good amount of referral traffic monthly.

Before leaving, don’t forget to get SpreadSimple’s lifetime deal here if you want to create great side projects with your Google Sheet.

P.S:- Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links, meaning you won’t spend extra but I will get a certain percentage, which helps me to run this site. Hope that helps.

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