Quora Case Study: How Quora Answers Led to an Organic Boost in Ranking on Google!

Have you ever thought about How Quora can affect your organic rankings?

No? Don’t worry. I am going to breakdown a detailed case study today.

In this article, I am going to share a special Case study on Quora on How a Quora Answer Helped my friend Chintan’s Blog Rank on Google on Multiple Keywords & Also getting him a lot of organic traffic.

Let’s get started.

The Quora Case Study Breakdown

One of my LinkedIn friends, Chintan Vyas ( Growth Hacker & Marketer) messaged me about this particular article that was getting him a lot of organic traffic from google with literally zero backlinks.

How did it happen? He shared his exact story & I will try to write it down here so that you can take away some value on Quora Marketing today.

He wrote a detailed article on the Topic “Best Laptops in Digital Marketing

Here is the Article Link.

Chintan wrote this article in April 2020 & forgot about it. Didn’t focused much on getting traffic, as he got busy with his other stuff.

He later went on to Quora & wrote a similar answer on the Question:- Which is the best laptop for digital marketing?

This was the question.

quora question

He wrote a detailed answer to this question.

quora answer screenshot

Notice how he first talks about what you should for into the laptop before buying.

He lists down all the things quite beautifully.

Then he personalizes the answer with his own experience.

And at the last, he links back to his blog.

He has got around 1100+ views but that is enough to get him traffic. Also mind you that, this answer is only 3 months old.

Now what later happened was super interesting.

Google also started including his Quora Answer into the “People Also Ask” Section

people also ask

When Google Starts including such questions in this particular category, there’s whole lot of opportunities that get unlocked such as:

  • More Traffic to his Blog
  • Positive Effect of SEO for this article
  • Rank Boost in Google

So whenever people clicked on the PAA section they were taken to his Quora Answer & later back to his blog because of the link he placed in his Answer.

Later, his article started ranking on Google on many keywords, roughly around 15+.

This article now also shows up in the Featured Snippet Section essentially getting him lot of traffic + high CTR.

He also noticed that his positions for some keywords improved a lot after he started getting traffic, both from Quora + Organic Clicks Due to Google Including his Quora Ans in PAA ( People Also Ask Section)

search console

Check this screenshot where his blog starts ranking in Top 10.

He wrote this article in April & in Early May & June, Google started picking up & see the search console’s Impressions & Click growth thereafter.

Now again mind you, this article had only On-Page Optimization (SEO), No Backlinks ( Apart from 1 Nofollow Link Back From Quora).

I don’t fully attribute ranking of this blog to Quora but a considerable amount of traffic + Google considering his Quora Answer into the People Also Ask Section contributed a lot for this ranking boost.

This is the Power of Leveraging Quora. This is what I want people to know about.

I have written everything on How to Leverage Quora in my Guide-> Quorific.

Final Thoughts

Quora is Powerful. If you are not leveraging Quora, you are missing such opportunities.

Chintan realized it 😁

The question is, Are you going to Leverage Quora?

If you are serious about learning Quora, then don’t forget to check my guide on Quora Marketing. It has been liked by 100s of Marketers & Businesses alike.

I have broken down every single concept I know about Marketing on Quora.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this case study. I sincerely hope that you got some value out of this.

Do share this article who wants to know how impactful it can be to leverage Quora.

Until then, see you in my next article.


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