9 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

Ask anyone in the marketing world, & they will tell you how important conversion rates are.

Let’s assume you are getting 100 visitors daily. Out of which 5 people buy your product worth $27.

Your conversion rate is 5%. Imagine tweaking something on your page that just shots up your conversion rate to 9% & bringing you $108 more with just 1 change.

That’s how powerful conversion rates are.

In this short post, I will share with you 9 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates That you Can Start Implementing Right Now.

Let’s dive right in.

Tip #1:- Create a compelling & Clear Value Proposition

Check this popup on Marketingexamples.com

marketing examples popup

Clear value prop + Compelling CTA.

Notice the numbers that are giving a sense of social proof.

This is how you can generate tons of leads.

Pro Tip:- Try adding testimonials below your CTA. It works like a charm.

Tip #2:- A/B Testing

You can test tons of things for A/B Testing.

For Eg:-

  • Try changing your website hero image
  • Changing CTA ( Eg:- Buy Now to Start Getting Traffic )
  • Cutting the fluff words ( More of this in Tip #3)
  • Adding more customer testimonials
  • Color A/B testing

Google Optimize is a nice tool to start with.

It’s free!

Tip #3:- Cut the Jargon

Don’t use complex words that can confuse your visitors.

Use the K.I.S.S principle ( Keep it Super Simple )

Another Great Example illustrated by Marketing Examples.


See how Trello cuts fluff words & goes straight with the benefits.

Tip #4:- Remove Distractions

If you are driving traffic to a sales page, don’t add too many links that can possibly take your visitor away.

Remove your header or footer menu on landing pages ( if you have).

Adding too many external links can be disastrous. Don’t overdo it.

Tip #5:- Reduce Friction

If you are a SAAS & have a freemium model, then specify that you don’t need any credit card below your CTA.

Check this website I found today.

It says- “Takes less than 2 min. No Credit Card Required”

-> Removing User Friction <-

Tip #6:- Adding Urgency [Playing with Psychology]

Only requirement:- Your product needs to be awesome.

If you are doing a Lifetime deal, do this.

Only 100 LTD Spots Left. Last 48 Hours. Grab them now.

This will skyrocket your conversion rates.

I have seen many people doing it.

Tip #7:- Remove unnecessary fields on your form

If you are running a lead gen campaign, don’t add too many fields.

Keep it relevant.

Exception:- B2B SaaS where they have to filter out their potential audience because of high LTV.

Tip #8:- Show them the product

Show your product even before your customers buy it.

This can be a short explainer video or any feature walkthrough.

Let your customer get the feel of the product.

Hypefury did their on Pricing Page & they improved their conversion rate by some 2-3%. Their Co-founder Yannick Veys shared it on Twitter.

Tip #9:- Adding Guarantee.

Last but not least. If you have any refund policy do mention it. Often for creators, 30-Day or 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee is a good way to add more trust.

For SaaS, you can do a pro-rate model for refunds.

Here’s a great resource for Refund Policies for SaaS companies:- Should Your SaaS Company Give Customer Refunds?

Reduces risk & increases the conversion rate.

The goal is to remove as much friction as you can.

Thank you for reading.

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