6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Quora For Marketing!

Are you using Quora for your Marketing?

If not, then this article might change your way of thinking towards Quora

In this article, I will show you what are you missing on Quora, the opportunities you are leaving on the table & why you should start right now!

Let’s start, Shall we?

SPOILER ALERT:- Quora Marketing is Marketing’s Best Kept Secret.

Reason #1:- People are in Research Mode

This is the first reason that you should start leveraging Quora.

Quora, as we know, is a Question-Answer Platform. People come here for information. They come for research. They want to consume. They want to know more about what’s happening.

This is very important.

Let me take an example for you.

Suppose you are trying to sell a Pinterest Guide & You want to leverage Quora. Just search your keyword on Quora. Filter via Questions & see for yourselves.


So if you see, there are many people that are following & actively researching whether Pinterest is good or not.

You can also check the Stats Log by clicking on the 3 dots you see. There you will understand the total views garnered by that question.

If you try to answer in detail & give a mild CTA at the end you will start getting engagement.

They will buy your product/service maybe not instantly but later on in their buying journey. This is a great way to make exposure to your brand/product that you want to sell for your audience.

Reason #2:- Flow of Quality Traffic + Sales from Evergreen Answers

Take time to write quality Answers. Make a grit that every answer you write will be Evergreen Answers.

If you write Quality Answers which means writing from the heart, providing valuable information, giving statistics to support your answers, you will get a constant flow of Quality Traffic + Sales from those answers.

I can vouch for this. Because I still get the flow of traffic to my website for the answer I wrote a year back.

Quora also sent that answer to more than 19 Million+ People.

That is the Power of Quora Marketing.

Check one of the answers that I wrote a year back. It still gets me views & traffic to my website.

See how the graph stacks up. Stacks up Quora views daily & driving me traffic too.

Reason #3:- Quora has over 300 Million Monthly Active Users.

These numbers are enough to give you an idea about how many people are surfing Quora.

What’s more enticing is that this is a High-Intent Audience. Meaning these people are actively searching for products/services on Quora.

P.S:- This number might be very high now as we are in 2020 as of writing this post. 300 Million was the number in Sept 2018.

Reason #4:- 35% of Americans use Quora

As Per Statista, the Population of the US in 2020 is around 330 Million. 35% are on Quora.

Meaning around 115 Million US Population are on Quora. That is a serious number

You have the opportunity to showcase your product/service to amongst 1/3rd of Americans.

An opportunity not to be missed at any cost.

Reason #5:- Businesses using Quora Ads have seen up to 4x more conversions

Now Quora Ads has this Epic Targeting Features Which no other platform is capable of doing it so far.

Check the visual made by me. You will get a clear picture, what I am talking about.

Imagine Targeting People based on Keywords & Questions they are browsing on.

It’s Insane.

There are lot of Targeting Options available. Check the diagram below

Reason #6:- There are more than 400,000 Topics Available on Quora.

Daily Topics are being created in every micro-niche. You will find almost every topic on Quora you can think about. Hundreds & Thousands of Questions available on each topic that you can browse on.

Go Search on Quora right now & see how many topics you will get in results.

You can even target those topics in Quora Ads for dirt cheap prices & get traffic.

Quora is an extremely High-Intent Audience.

Final Thoughts

Quora is really an under-rated platform for sure.

Of course, it will take time but if you start today to leverage Quora Marketing you too can get a torrential flow of traffic to your website & generate sales too.

This is a great time to diversify your traffic sources. Don’t just rely on Google & Facebook. Start Leveraging Quora Today.

If you want to get started today, I show you step by step on How you can do it in my Quora Marketing Guide.

When I kickstarted my growth on Quora,

  • My Answers were sent to more than 19 Million+ People via Quora Digest.
  • Got more than a 3% Conversion Rate for the product that I sold via Quora Answers.
  • Generated 30% Conversion Rate for Generating Leads for One of My Clients
  • Got paid for writing answers by being a Micro-Influencer.

I have compiled all of my learnings into a very actionable eBook on Quora Marketing. This includes all the strategies that I personally used & also some strategies that people on Quora are using to grow their brand.

Start Chapter 1 Here.

Do share this article with those who want to know Why Quora Marketing is so Beneficial.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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