7 Proven Ways You Can Promote Your Website + 1 Free Bonus Resource!

I was exploring Quora & I saw many questions on How to Promote your website. So I decided to drill down 7 Ways You Can Promote your website.

While I was writing I totally forgot one site that brought me some nice traffic which you haven’t heard of before. I will share that at the end.

So let’s get started:-

Here’s the spoiler though & I will keep 8th one as the Bonus!

ways to promote website

Method #1:- Twitter

Getting Traffic from Twitter will take time. You got to have patience here. You will need some good followers to get some nice traffic.

But once you do, you will have quality traffic that wants to read your blog or wants to buy from your website.

Here’s my suggestion on how you can do it on Twitter:-

Observe what big accounts do.

They provide 1000% value in their tweets. What happens next? People start following. That’s what you need to do at first.

I highly recommend you to follow David Perell & Daniel Vassallo.

Here’s a small blueprint for you:-

Provide value in tweets -> Create meaningful connections + relationships -> Retweet other valuable tweets -> Engage & reply with at least 5–6 big accounts early on -> Build followers -> Share your blog -> Rinse & Repeat the process

Daniel’s Twitter Course is a must buy if you are thinking of making an audience on Twitter.

Here’s the link:- Everyone can build a Twitter Audience by Daniel Vassallo

There’s one more trick that I want to share. Make a list of all the big accounts within your niche & turn on notifications.

Whenever they make a tweet, make sure you reply first but with a good valuable comment.

What this does is, people will start recognizing you & visit your profile. If your profile is interesting, they will follow you.

Now here’s a screenshot when I replied to Naval’s Tweet. He said, “There’s never been a better time to launch a digital product.”

I replied super fast with the link to my product.

I got nearly 650+ clicks.

Impressions:- 19.4k

naval's tweet

To just give you a perspective, 656 organic clicks on Twitter is worth $321 ( Average Median CPC on Twitter is around $0.49)

Method #2:- FB Groups

Now I am not talking about those FB Groups which are purposely built for promoting blogs.

I am talking about relevant & specific niche FB Groups

For Eg:- If your blog is on marketing, then join marketing FB groups

Build relationships & network with other members

Then when you have given value & built your authority you can easily promote your blog.

Build a rapport with the admin & moderators.

Whenever you join any group, try to add more valuable posts from Day 1. Do it consecutively for 2-3 weeks. You will make yourselves an authority & valuable in front of all the group members.

Once you establish this, admins & moderators can’t afford you to lose from their group. Now you will have the leverage to drop your blog links whenever you write more valuable posts.

Btw, Here are my stats from FB Groups.

fb group metrics

Method #3:- Forums

There are tons of forums available on the Internet.

Just type this search operator & you will get many forums on Google.

Start Interacting in forums!

Search operators you can use:-

“your keyword” + “forum”

“your keyword” + “discussion”

Here’s an example:-

forum search operators

Some other forums where you can share your blog:-

Again, you should follow a simple rule first.

Give 100% value upfront & then promote your blog.

Otherwise, It will fall on deaf ears.

Method #4:- Quora

Quora is the place where you can get high quality & continuous flow of traffic.

Again the simple rule:- Don’t Spam, Add Value!

Here are some tips on Quora for you to get started:-

  • Optimize your Quora Profile. Talk about what you do.
  • Link your website/lead magnet in your Profile BIO
  • Write Detailed valuable answers before promoting your website
  • Use Images/GIFs inside your answers to make it more visually appealing.
  • Always Interlink your answers to drive internal traffic.

If you want to learn more about Quora, you should check out my guide on Quora Marketing.


Method #5:- LinkedIn

Now LinkedIn is at its peak.

Its organic reach is super high as of now, writing in July 2020.

If you are not on LinkedIn, you are missing out on those organic reach.

So try to add more valuable posts & share your blog links.

Pro Tip:- Don’t share direct blog links inside the post.

It will lower your reach.

Instead, share them in the comments.

Go Follow Vaibhav Sisinty on LinkedIn. He is a LinkedIn Master!

Method #6:- HackerNews

Don’t share here unless you have something really extraordinary & valuable resource out there.

Btw, you can’t just directly share. Hackernews requires some authority.

Here’s a small hack you can use:-

Import your blog to medium & then share the medium article.

There’s a lovely article by Harry Dry on How to get 30,000 Visitors from Hackernews To Your Website.

Go check out now!

Method #7:- SEO

Whenever you are writing an article, make sure you are optimizing for SEO.

Do proper keyword research before writing your article.

There’s a lot of efforts required to effectively leverage SEO.

Check Backlinko or Moz SEO Resources to learn more about SEO.

It’s a compounding effect that will reap you insane amounts of traffic over the long term.

Here’s one of my affiliate websites where I have written just 6 SEO optimized articles & check my metrics here.

search console metrics

BONUS Resource

Go to Zest.is

Sign up & Create your new account.

Go to the Contribute Content Section Here.

Paste your blog link & submit. But before submitting, Check Content Guidelines.

Your content will be reviewed by their system & its community members. If approved, your article will be on Zest.is & you will start getting quality traffic.

One of my articles was approved & I got around 40 odd visitors. Not bad for starters. Btw, this website is growing, so you can expect a good amount of traffic in the future.

zest is

Final Thoughts

Remember that wherever you try to share your blog or your website, there is only one mantra that you should follow.

First Add Tremendous amounts of value & then share your link at the end. That’s how it works.

It’s simple but yet people don’t seem to follow it. Follow this simple mantra & you will start getting nice traffic to your website.

Hope this article helped you.

Please share this article & help me amplify my voice. Thank you for reading.

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