Ask Me Anything ( AMA) on Content Marketing in Biggest Marketing Group

Recently, I did an AMA Session ( Ask me Anything ) on Content Marketing on Learn Digital Marketing Group ( World’s Largest Digital Marketing Group ).

It got nearly 111 comments as you can see below.

Manoj Said, It was a very Informative Thread. So I thought of sharing the Recap of the AMA Session that happened on Content Marketing

Let’s See the Entire Recap of the AMA Session:-

Muhammad Javed:- What trick is going to work best in 2020?

Me:- Its attention based content marketing and event hacking. You see so much buzz about Corona Virus. Wonder how to use that for marketing.? Amul Did it. Check Dunzo with their viral content. That’s called event-based content marketing. Hack that Trend. Check Dunzo Tweet Today!

Muhammad Javed:- Don’t you think it’s an evergreen strategy, was equally valid in 2019.

Me:- Yes, But I see more of it in 2020. What’s working in 2019 will also work equally impactful in 2020 🙂 Just shared Dunzo because I liked the way they did it

Muhammad Javed:- Cool, Thank you so much, bro!

Dhananjay Kalyankar-Deshmukh:- Hi Tejas, I am good at FB ads and I am planning to create content for the same but I lag in content ideas, how can I get the content idea, any technique?


Start with a story relevant to your ad.

Anything that makes people read. There’s a great article by Adspresso on Which Ad Copy is Best( Short or Long?). ( Longer Copy works well again the debatable topic. Faisal Zia Anwer can help you here.)

Highlight Pain Points.

Offer Them how you can solve that pain point.

Try to imagine yourselves into the customer’s shoes and then Write.

Umesh Thapa Magar:-  How do I write good content? I have seen a lot of videos and articles but still, I cannot properly create good content.

About myself, I am from Nepal and I work for travel and trekking agency.

Any suggestions, please.

Me:- Brother for creating good content. A couple of things.

1) Define your Target audience

2) Make Their User Persona

3) Define their pain points

Jot down everything as you can. Then Revolve your content on how you can solve those pain points.

Its ultimately about end-users. They want a solution to their problem.

It is as simple as that. Don’t make it too complicated.

Creating good content doesn’t require rocket science just a good understanding of your end-user.

Then Amit Gollen Asks,

Amit Gollen:- what ways do you use to know what the end-user wants?

Me:- Surveys, Their Desires. Just ask them, bro. And you would also guess what they want by building up a persona.

Iv Mari:- Hello, How to promote my European online cosmetics shop and how to do content marketing? TIA

Me:- I can tell you a couple of channels you can target.

1) Pinterest ( Major Female Audience with European & US Audience)
2) Instagram ( Best for Ecommerce & Visual Engagement)
3) Twitter (High-End Quality Buyers)
4) Quora – For Food Supplements ( Target Quora Questions relevant to your brand). You can literally drive very quality traffic if you write some quality answers on Quora.

Aman Agrawal:- Can content marketing work for local businesses in tier 2 & 3 cities? I see they only care about ROI. So, how can we go about it?

Me:- First for Tier 2 and 3 cities, You must see where your target audience is. Remember, Content Marketing differs from channel to channel too. May be TikTok would do the trick or other social channels. But yes, For Hyperlocal businesses, it’s tough to do content marketing, Answering Questions on Quora would also do.

Try to have as much valuable content on Websites for local businesses too.

Aman Agrawal:- I guess content marketing can be a way to show them how to scale beyond the town.

Me:- Yes. It can be a beginning to a more scalable model for them

Bhargav Shingre:- Do u have any suggestions for how an IT company can use content to get traffic and leads from the US market?


LinkedIn Brother. For B2B Markets, LinkedIn is the King of all.
Consistent content + Value driven approach = Linkedin mastery.
Also, Growing an IT company founder’s Twitter account and engaging with your audience is also very very effective.
Best Example:- Check the Basecamp CEO account on Twitter. A ton of things you can learn from

Rahul Pagare:- According to you,
Who is the Best Mentor for Content Marketing?
Also, explain Why…?

Me:- Content Marketing is really a process brother. You won’t need a mentor as of such. But yes, you can stalk a couple of profiles as to how they are doing content marketing.

The best example I can give is David Perell on Twitter. He has an Online Course on Writing too.

Check his content on Twitter. Just Valuable Bombs

Rahul:- Yes, I do follow him on your advice…

Here Amit Gollen Comes up again with a different question,

Amit:- How do you create content consistently( on a daily basis)?


Make Content Calendar.
Jot down different types of content you would create.
A Gif Content, Question-Based Content, Slides Based Content, Case Study Based Content, Your Experience-based Content, Any inspirational Story, New Trend Likewise.
You Got it, right?
Create a Calendar and follow it.

Amit:- How about Quora? Can we do this on Quora?

Me:- For Quora, you need a diff strategy. Its question-based content. Usage of GIFs is a must for engaging content and attention. Images too. 100% Valuable content with story = Bomb Traffic💥

P.S:- I have dedicated an Entire Guide on Quora Marketing. You can get here.

Janaki Murali:- How to Promote Music Videos?


Three Channels & One Strategy:-
1) Instagram IGTV.( Stories)
2) TikTok.( Highest Organic Reach right now)
3) YouTube. ( Learn YouTube SEO by Brian Dean)
4) Pair up with Other Music Influencers and cross-promote it everywhere for more growth and engagement.

Janaki:- Thank you so much. I will try this 🙂

Sandipan Bose:- What tools do you use to create amazing content ??


Google Trends for Trends Related Searches.
Twitter for any quality content + Memes.
Reddit for New Ideas. ( for converting text into gifs)
WordPress Editor + Internet Connection is all you need 🙂

Btw, I am in love with

Here’s a Sample GIF that I converted from Text.

Mehdi Abbas:- Suggestions for those who want to start learning content writing?


  1. Start Small.
  2. Start writing on Quora, Medium.
  3. I would recommend you to check medium articles. They are so succinct and valuable. Improve Vocabulary.
  4. Understand your Target Audience, Their Pain Points, etc.
  5. Write Accordingly. Don’t use big paragraphs. Use Bulleted Points and Lists.
  6. See how I wrote this comment? It was easy for you to read right?
  7. That’s how you can write. People don’t read, they skim content.
  8. Of course, if the topic is really important, they will read the whole thing. But Big Paragraphs are a No.
  9. Divide into little Chunks.

Deepak Sharma:- How to get traffic that converts when there is not much google traffic for a new website??


More Conversions from traffic, you need to leverage social media.

EG:- Quora, I would say it is a way better option. Because People are already in the research mode and if you provide quality answers with a Call to Action at the end, you will get quality traffic that will eventually convert.

That’s what happened to me. A continuous flow of quality traffic converting at a very good rate from Quora.

More Information, Check Here.

Senthil Kumar:- I am an insurance advisor. How to write content for my insurance website.


If you are an advisor, then there are some platforms that you can create content that can leverage.
1) Quora:- There are tons of questions related to this niche. Try to understand that and start writing answers. Remember, Don’t try to promote your policy from the start. It’s about providing value and understanding your target customer.

Just Rinse & Repeat the Quora Process with a Call to action to your website.

2) LinkedIn:- Its organic reach is at the very top right now. You need to leverage it. Make a content calendar. Jot down all the things that you can talk about.

It is not about your product, it is about a person’s life. So go deep down into the desires/fears/emotions. Don’t over-promote. Make a checklist and give it for free.

Make slides and share them on LinkedIn. Stats. Stories.

That’s how you create content.!

JeevaNi Jee:- How to get many subscribers by content writing?


So for subscribers, you will need to write quality content. Make some good posts.

Add a popup form + insert blocks to get subscribed ( There are plugins available)

Write Step By Step Guides

Checklists as a Lead Magnet. Cheatsheets.

It is about creating your space. When people come to know that you are expert in something, people will automatically subscribe

Arshiyan Khan:-  How to always have a topic for writing a blog?


You need to research ideas.
Some places you can get ideas from:-

1) Answer the public
2) People also ask section in google
3) Related Searches in Google.
4) Reddit ( SubReddit)
5) Quora
6) Twitter
7) Search your keywords ( Then filter acc to news and see if there’s any interesting stuff)
9) Forums..

For Quora, I made a tweet here,

You will get many many ideas

Goutham Bhat:- How can I earn $1000 a month with content marketing?


Goutham Bhat, I liked your ambitions but you also need to be self-aware.

$1000/month is hard. You need a plethora of skillset to make that happen.

Let me give you an example of how you can achieve that using content marketing:-

Check David Perell on Twitter. He has a course that he sells for $2000.

Now what he does is, he just creates super valuable content each day on twitter and tweets.

Many people become interested and some people click on his website and buys. It’s ultimately about a product that can be scaled up like crazy. You can then revolve around your content on your product. Here product can also be an affiliate product ( if you cant create one)

Choose one channel and go all in. Btw, check David Perell Tweets on Twitter.

I am going to do a case study on him and share the blog post soon 🙂

The AMA Ended Here. Let me know your questions now in the comments below.

And Yes, You can access my eBook on Quora Marketing. It has got some amazing response 😉 

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